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"It was exciting and just a major, major compliment…I was happy for all the girls who would see me on [it] and feel a little more seen." - Lupita Nyong’o on being named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful

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Now You Know (Source)

Also, when they filmed that scene, the only people allowed in the room was the two doing the scene and the director.

This was the one they showed us when we read Romeo and Juliet in high school. My teacher was not amused by the nekkidness, but she let us watch it anyway.

Our teacher covered Romeo’s butt with his hand. But then his butt moved and our teacher didn’t notice.

In high school our teacher would show this version to her class up until the year I took her class.  This is because the previous year when my brother had her class when they showed the scene my brother got up and started clapping… And so did the rest of the class.  Needless to say she decided not to show the film at all after that.  I’m such a proud little brother.

Okay so if you’ve seen this version, PLEASE tell you agree that Romeo looks like he could be related to Zac Efron?? At least Zac Efron alla HSM.

I see it

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This is an important moment in history.

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found this old piano in the bushes last spring, hiking around an island. it’s been there for so long the tree is growing into it & it makes me wonder who used to play it and why it’s outside

Marilyn Monroe photographed in 1948 © Edward Cronenweth.

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1 character, 19 drawing styles challenge! This took a long time, but I’m pretty happy with it - I recommend looking at all these artists’ original work if you like any of them.

Love this! And I’m really flattered to see my style represented so nicely!

i absolutely LOOOVE THIS

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the magic begins | 1: favorite character - hermione jean granger

"Are you sure that’s a real spell? Well, it’s not very good is it? I’ve tried a few simple spells myself and they’ve all worked for me. Nobody in my family’s magic at all, it was ever such a surprise when I got my letter, but I was ever so pleased, of course, it’s the best school of witchcraft there is I’ve heard - I’ve learned all the course books by heart of course. I just hope it will be enough - I’m Hermione Granger, by the way, who are you?" 

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You see, kids, right from the moment I met your mom, I knew…I have to love this woman as much as I can, for as long as I can, and I can never stop loving her, not even for a second. I carried that lesson with me through every stupid fight we ever had, every 5:00 a.m., Christmas morning, every sleepy Sunday afternoon, through every speed bump. Every pang of jealousy or boredom or uncertainty that came our way, I carried that lesson with me.


@marvel Flattery will get you nowhere! Probably. Maybe. *looks the other way* 

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Imam Mosque, formerly known as Shah Mosque is a mosque in Isfahan, Iran standing in south side of Naghsh-i Jahan Square.


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